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    Prix 708,00 €
    Package de produits KNX pour la formation Base (Partner), composé de:
    • alimentation 160 mA
    • interface IP/KNX avec KNX IP et data secure, serveur de temps et serveur d'emails chiffrés
    • actionneur de variation 2 canaux
    • actionneur de volets 1 canal
    • 1 commande 4 touches sensitive blanc
    • 1 commande 4 touches basique blanc
  • ZCL-4HT230

    Prix 214,80 €
    HeatingBOX 230V 4X. Actionneur de chauffage avec sorties à 230VAC - 4 canaux
  • Lumento X4.

    Prix 202,80 €
    Régulateur de 4 canaux PWM de tension constante pour charges LED DV 12-24V

    Prix 228,00 €
    In addition to switching resistive loads, SW108 is designed to be used with capacitive and inductive loads, enabling a convenient control of fluorescent ballasts and led drivers.

    8 independently configurable channels

    Manual control for each relay on the device using slide switches

    Does not require an external power supply

    Electric current control can be configured

    Following functions can be defined separately for each channel:

    • Stair function
    • External logic
    • Internal logic
    • Priority function
    • Threshold function
    • Transaction time
    • Sweep function
  • Switch Actuator with bistable relays, for heavy C-loads Current max. 16/20A, capacitive load max. 200μF • Extensive function extension • Lockable manual operation and LED indicator for each channel • NO and NC contact operation • Status response at manually operation • Time functions (switch-on/switch-off delay) • Extensive staircase light and impulse functions • Extended logical and scene functions for each channel • Extended status functions (inverted, cyclic, at block) • Treshold switch (Byte/2Byte/2Byte float) • Hour meter for switching • Priority/forced operation with automatic release time • Separate power supply terminals for each channel • Power supply via KNX bus • Quick application download (long frame support for ETS5) • 3 years warranty
  • Temperature measurement by separate PT 1000 sensors
    To measure the inside/outside temperature
    (e.g. with SCN-PTST1.01 or SCN-PTST3.01)
    Temperature range -20 to +110°C
    • 2-fold temperature sensor for HVAC, integrated controller
    • Selectable temperature controller (PI, Two-position, PWM)
    • Temperature measurement by separate PT 1000 sensors
    • Limit values min/max, frost-/heat protection alarm, min/max memory
    • Cyclical sending of contact state adjustable
    • Day-/night-/frost-/heat protection operation, cooling function
    • Status feedback by HVAC and RHCC status objects
    • Operation mode can be set via Bit/Byte objects
    • Desired value can be given by visualisation, e.g. MDT VisuControl
    • Surface mounted wiring box
    • Integrated bus coupling unit
    • 3 years warranty