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  • VC-0701.04 - VisuControl,...

    Prix 1 274,40 €

    Touchpanel to visualize current building status and to control building functions
    • Capacitive glass touch display with LED backlight
    • Individually adjustable
    • Switching and dimming, shutter/blind control
    • Remote Access via PC, iPad, iPhone, Android
    • VisuControl for KNX app available for free in the App store
    • Alarm indication and logical linking of binary data
    • Displaying trends
    • Forwarding of informations via email
    • VisuControl lite software and demo projects included
    • 24VDC power supply required (eg. STV-0024.01)
    • Integrated bus coupling unit
    • 3 years warranty

  • Does not require an external power supply

    Room Control Unit covers all requirements of control in room applications and offers following functions:

    • Light switch
    • AC/DC blind control
    • Fan control
    • Fan Coil Control (2 & 3 point valve)
    • Dry contact inputs

    Switching resistive, capacitive and inductive loads in accordance with EN 60669 with following functions:

    • Staircase
    • External logic
    • Internal logic
    • Priority
    • Threshold
    • Operating hour
    • Sweep
  • JAL-0210.02 - Shutter...

    Prix 187,20 €

    Shutter Actuator to feed 230VAC shutter motors up to 600W
    With monostable relays, current max. 10A with ohmic load

  • • Time switch with 20 channels (6 cycle times each channel)
    • Direct switching of the 20 channels (Manual Mode)
    • Daily/weekly/astro switching function
    • Large LCD Display, Power reserve
    • Cycle time adjustable by the ETS and directly at the device
    • Cyclic sending of the time on the KNX bus (Master)
    • Clock time adjustment by bus telegram (Slave)
    • 8 logical blocks with 4 input
    • 3 years warranty

  • The MDT Analog In-/Output is suitable to control devices with 0-10V inputs and to catch 0-20mA/0-10V measurement data. All channels are gavanically isolated from the KNX bus and can be configured independently from each other as input or output. The input voltage range is from 0-10V or from 2-10V, optionally the inputs can be operated as current loop with 0-20mA or 4-20mA. Each input can be parameterized individually with the ETS.

  • VC-EASY.02 - VisuControl...

    Prix 597,60 €

    The MDT VisuControl Easy object server is used for the visualisation of the current building status and to control
    building functions via iOS app.