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    Prix 228,00 €
    In addition to switching resistive loads, SW108 is designed to be used with capacitive and inductive loads, enabling a convenient control of fluorescent ballasts and led drivers.

    8 independently configurable channels

    Manual control for each relay on the device using slide switches

    Does not require an external power supply

    Electric current control can be configured

    Following functions can be defined separately for each channel:

    • Stair function
    • External logic
    • Internal logic
    • Priority function
    • Threshold function
    • Transaction time
    • Sweep function
  • Temperature range -20 to +110°C
    • Selectable temperature controller (PI, Two-position, PWM)
    • Temperature measurement by separate KNX temperature sensors
    • Limit values min/max
    • Frost-/heat protection alarm
    • Min/max memory
    • Cyclical sending adjustable
    • Day-/night-/frost-/heat protection operation, cooling function
    • Status feedback by HVAC and RHCC status objects
    • Operation mode can be set via Bit/Byte objects
    • Desired value can be given by visualisation, e.g. MDT VisuControl
    • 3 years warranty

  • EK-CF2-TP - Interface CF2...

    Prix 187,20 €

    KNX device for monitoring and control of electrical loads through the connection of current transformers EK-TA-... to the inputs

  • BE-04230.01 - Entrées...

    Prix 201,60 €

    Binary Input detection of 230VAC signals
    LED indicator for each channel, max. input cable length 100m
    • To connect push buttons or window/auxiliary contacts
    • 4 integrated logical modules, e.g. interpretation of the inputs
    (e.g. window closed or sending second object)
    • NO or NC contact operation, sending contact state
    • Operation of blinds and shutters, 1 and 2 button operation
    • Forced setting function for each output
    • Scenes, block communication object for each channel
    • Operation with short/long button push and 2 objects
    • Counting of pulses, suitable for 30ms S0 pulses
    • Cyclical sending, sending after reset
    • Internal contact voltage 12V
    • 3 years warranty

  • SCN-LSD01.01 - Brightness...

    Prix 153,60 €

    Ceiling mounted in 35mm Kaiser socket
    • Brightness Sensor with constant level light intensity to
    control up to 3 light rows
    • Brightness value can be read out
    • Orientation light (Brightness and time adjustable)
    • Day/night mode with separate settings
    • 35mm Kaiser socket (Installation depth 45mm)
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 43mm x 43mm x 30mm
    • Integrated bus coupling unit
    • 3 years warranty

  • With 2 rockers
    • Fits 55mm systems:
    - GIRA Standard 55, E2,E22, Event, Esprit
    - BERKER S1, B3, B7
    - JUNG A500, Aplus, Acreation, AS500
    - MERTEN 1M, M-Smart, M-Plan, M-Pure
    • Push Buttons can be adjusted for 1 or 2 button operation
    • NO or NC contact operation, adjustable length of button push
    • Forced setting function for each output
    • Operation with short/long button push and 2 objects
    • Operation of blinds and shutters, 1 and 2 button operation
    • Centered title block with cover film for individual marking
    • Integrated bus coupling unit
    • 3 years warranty